France Castel, actress, singer, author and host of Pour Le Plaisir speaks of her experiences receiving massage from Kanoa General, LMT.


"As an internal medicine PA suffering from chronic tension headaches, I found my consultation with Kanoa to be very professional, knowledgable and comfortable. I can easily tell there is a higher level of education and experience here than with other massage therapists or practices I have tried. I would most definitely recommend General Wholistic Center of Health and Massage to my friends, family and patients."

~ Sarah Ingalsbe-Geno, PA, Pittsford, NY  June 23, 2017 


"I had appointments both with Kanoa (Cranio-Sacro) and Samantha (Reiki). As a chiropractor, I like to try out different health practices so I can better refer my patients when in need. The office is very accommodating and relaxing. They both are great practitioners and people! They focus on your needs, make the atmosphere comfortable, and check in after your appointments! I have already sent patients to them and will continue to do so (and use them for myself as well)! I look forward to continued work with the both of them!"

~ Dr. Jose Balseca, Pittsford, NY  June 13, 2017


"It was a great experience- my massage was so relaxing! I've already scheduled the second appointment and look forward to their other services!"

~ Joyce A., Pittsford, NY  April 28, 2017 


"Samantha is amazing!! Best masseuse I've ever had!! She's very skilled as well as professional and personable!! I first went to her when I was 8 months pregnant and felt at ease with her level of knowledge and experience! Now I'm hooked for newborn mommy relaxation and tension relief!! Highly recommend her! Thank you Samantha!"

~ Julie H., Pittsford, NY September 16, 2016 


"Everything was so well set up. I couldn't have asked for a better session. Afterwards I was completely relaxed. Definitely an awesome find. Thank you!!!"

~ Courtney S., Farmington, NY June 2016


"Samantha has been my go to pre and post treatment therapist for almost 7 years. She has helped me increase my endurance in my run and cut time overall in each competition I'm in. She also keeps track of my placings and times and adjusts my next treatment to what I want to achieve in the next event. Her work is unlike any other therapist I've ever seen. I will never see another therapist and I've sent multiple athletes to see her. She's truly a gift to any athlete."

~ Laura C., Liverpool, NY February 2016


"My fiancé and I are both regulars of Samantha's. For almost 3 years we have both enjoyed monthly visits for chronic back pain and fatigue. Neither of us has ever received such memorable work. It's almost as if she can sense what is causing the pain before we point it out. She is truly someone to visit for effective and long lasting relief."

 ~ Julia S., Cato, NY February 2016


"Kanoa is wonderful. I've been in alternative healing for over 30 years now and have gone to several therapists and Kanoa is without a doubt the BEST. He is the most knowledgeable of any practitioner I've ever seen, thanks I'm sure to his pre-med training. He has helped both me and my husband with sports injuries, some of which were quite serious (and painful). His suggestions for exercises have been invaluable. I recommend Kanoa highly to anyone who needs some serious therapeutic/restorative work done, or for someone suffering from an injury or chronic pain, or to someone who just wants the best relaxing massage you will ever get! Also, both men and woman can feel safe and comfortable knowing that Kanoa is strictly professional in his practice."

~ Gail T., Elizabethtown, NY January 24, 2016


"We truly enjoyed our appointments with you - your combination of relaxation and adjustment is amazing!  We both felt the effects the following days in the form of more ease in our bodies.  I also felt like my neck and left hand were in a continued state of release, telling me I need to pay more focused attention to these areas. Many thanks for such a special experience!"

~ Kate R., Essex, NY January 16, 2016 after treatment with Kanoa


"Samantha is terrific, my chronic back pain seems to have been completely corrected after 3 visits. Highly HIGHLY recommend."

~ Cheryl W., East Syracuse, NY October 2015


"After receiving my first Reiki session in 2012 from Samantha I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in nearly 2 years. I've never felt more centered and in my own skin as after a session with her. She has become a monthly necessity."

~ Janet K., Syracuse, NY September 2015


"Samantha does AMAZING WORK!!"

~ Rachel R., Watertown, NY September 2015


"I went for a run for the first time since our session and I couldn't believe how easy it was to walk during the warm up. My hips are usually so tight. It feels so much lighter to walk! I'm hoping it stays this way. Thank you!"

~ Laura M., Westport, NY  August 14, 2015 after treatment with Kanoa


"Samantha was so thorough! The treatment was fantastic! She was very attentive. I will definitely go back to her again."

~ Tiffany G., Oswego, NY July 2015


"Thank you Kanoa General for your amazing ability to determine and treat a physical ailment as well as for your genuine concern for your clients' comfort and well being. We are so very lucky to have you working in our community. Your work space is the absolute cleanest and your professionalism, superb. Thank you!!" 

~ Sharon B., Essex, NY  February 22, 2015


"Incredible pressure; never have I had such an effective deep tissue massage."

~ Joe B., Fulton, NY  December 2014 after treatment with Samantha


"Kanoa is not only a skilled massage therapist, he is concerned about total health and is very tuned in to you. My time with him today gave me an insight that has given me some work to do."

~ Lynn E., Jay, NY October 10, 2014


"[Kanoa] is very knowledgeable and professional. I have had various types of massage from Kanoa and I can truly say it was the best I've ever received. I currently have issues with my shoulder and after 1 massage therapy session I felt better. I would highly recommend this company!"

~ Kim O., Corona, NC September 5, 2014


"I've been going to Samantha since early 2008 for Reiki. I've been able to completely work through significant trauma from my childhood. Each visit with Samantha has left me calm, humble and grateful for what I've lived through and overcome. Not once have I felt judged by Samantha, just guidance to a stronger self. She's an incredible energy worker."

~ Beth S., Syracuse, NY August 2014


"[Kanoa] was great! He is sooo nice and knowledgeable and I loved the music.  Of course I didn't want to leave but he had other folks coming so I had to...I'm recommending him to everyone."  

~ Mary B., Essex, NY  March 10, 2014


"My recent massage with Kanoa was incredible! He was professional, knowledgeable, and gifted. I immediately felt comfortable with him. He's a great listener and very intuitive. During the massage he was able to relieve my specific joint discomfort and find some tender muscles I hadn't even noticed myself. I was relaxed and happy at the end, and I can't wait to go back!"

 ~ Jen Z., Essex, NY March 5, 2014


"Good morning! I slept through the night without pain to my feet, legs and knees! I can walk like a normal person! Thank you very much."

~ Anick D., Saint Catherine, QC January 23, 2014


 “Imaginons que le corps est représenté par une main, le stress de la vie, les épreuves, les accidents, les soucis, les problèmes de santé, les opérations, l’âge font que la main se referme peu à peu jusqu’à devenir un poing. Chacun des traitements reçus de la part de Kanoaest adapté et toujours différent selon mes demandes et mes inconforts, mon corps est de nouveau capable de se déployer comme une main ouverte. Je suis plus énergique, je respire mieux, mon regard est plus dirigé vers l’extérieur. Chaque traitement est une surprise, c’est toujours différent, moi qui ne fais que 5 pieds et 1 pouce j’ai l’impression que je pourrais toucher au plafond après mes traitements. J’en ressors toujours détendue et rayonnante. Kanoa aide autant mon corps que mon esprit.

Je suis heureuse qu’une très bonne amie m’ait fait découvrirKanoa, je le recommande à tous. Laissez-vous aider en toute confiance.”                                      

~ Odette D., Brossard, QC October 15, 2013


English translation: 

"Imagine that the body is represented by a hand.  The stress of life, events, accidents, concerns, health issues, operations and age make the hand close slowly into a fist.

Each of the treatments received from Kanoa is suitable and always different according to my demands and my discomfort. My body is again capable of operating as an open hand. I am more energetic, I breathe better, my gaze is more directed towards the outside. Each treatment is a surprise. It's always different. Though I'm 5'1", I have the impression that I could touch the ceiling after my treatments. I always come away relaxed and radiant. Kanoa helps both my body and my mind.

I am happy that a very good friend has recommended Kanoa. I recommend him to everyone. Let me help you decide with confidence."                                    

~ Odette D.,  Brossard, QC October 15, 2013


“Thanks, Kanoa. Pain is considerably less, nights more comfortable and mobility definitely easier. I was having a lot of pain upon rising in the morning. Last 2 mornings were painless! You really helped me!”        

 ~ Peggy G.,  Retired, Montreal, QC  September 27, 2013


"I couldn't golf or do any activities because they caused me pain every time I tried to be active.  Within 3 sessions, Kanoa was able to take away my hip pain from a 7 to a 0.  A zero!  There's no more pain whatsoever.  I'm able to golf and climb stairs again without a problem.  I feel so good!"  

~ Line A., Candiac, QC September 27, 2013


"My hip and shoulder pains are gone and I don't have stomachaches like I used to.  I feel like Kanoa helped me with my long term pains and I feel better than when we began."      

~ Francine B., Montreal, QC April 8, 2013


“This was the best massage I ever had.  We had 3 from our group serviced at our rental home and he was strong and really good.  I felt like a million dollars. Totally will call before my next time to set up times over and over again.”      

~ Todd O., Corolla, NC, Yelp Review January 27, 2013