Burn Scars

Our understanding and compassion when working with people who are burn survivors comes from personal experience as we've had family members, including ourselves, who've been burned and know the healing process and great ordeal it takes to recover from a singular or multiple burn site injury.

Our therapists, Kanoa and Samantha, are Certified in Burn Scar Massage Therapy, and understand the delicate nature of burn scars and healing skin grafts after a burn injury, and are knowledgeable in their treatment to help reduce the possibility of contracture developing in the joints involved around the burn. We make every effort possible to work with your health care provider to give you the best care and outcome possible.

Sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the severity of your burn, the stage of your healed and healing skin graft(s) and the complexities involved in the healing process. Get the loving touch that you deserve.